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For those of you in Albuquerque, here are some highly-rated books that can help with your gardening. These will teach you what to plant and when, as well as how best to take care for them! It's a great way to learn more about the process or just have something new on hand while working outside this season.

First set of books is helping you decide the best plants that like the area you are in. 

Best plants for New Mexico Gardens and Landscapes​-

Enjoy the beauty of New Mexico's landscape through a new
edition that offers readers insight into planting. Landscape
architect Baker H. Morrow considers soil conditions, altitude,
drought and urban expansion when designing for success in gardens and landscapes in NM along with climate change and ultraviolet radiation to offer tools for future use. Get it here!

New Mexico Gardeners Guide-

Homeowners are realizing the
health benefits derived from
gardening and have seen their
home's property value increase. This book contains easy-to-use advice on the top landscape plant choices, as well as specific varieties that homeowners can choose to grow in their yards or gardens. It also provides helpful tips for how best to care for these plants so they will thrive once planted! Get it here!

Arizona and New Mexico Getting Started Garden Guide-

The Southwest United States is home to some of the
most beautiful landscapes and formations in America.
Alongside its famed attractions, such as Grand Canyon,
Rio Grande Gorge, and Havasu Falls among them - this region caters to a vast array of unique plant life that has adapted well to thrive in dry climates or high elevations. Get it here!​

The next set of books are for those who want to grow an edible garden.

Southwest Fruit and Vegetable Gardening-

In this guidebook, author Jacqueline Soule
provides you with all the information needed
to design your edible garden and harvest
their produce. The book includes chapters
on soil management that equip readers with some of the basics about gardening in general as well as a more detailed look at how plants grow out west. With so many potential species for gardens everywhere, it is hard to go wrong! Get it here!

Desert Gardening: Fruits and Vegetables-

Desert gardening expert George Brookbank
knows the difficulties that come with living
in an arid climate. Now, your family can
enjoy a bountiful harvest of fruits and
vegetables from their desert garden--no matter what elevation they live at! Get it here!

Raised Beds For Beginners-

Raised-Bed Gardening for Beginners
will teach you how to grow a simple
garden in your own backyard no
matter what the size. Learn which
plants are right for raised beds, make herbal medicine using common herbs that can help with cooking and beauty products; find out everything from where to buy supplies to gardening tips on different vegetables and more! Get it here!


Thanks to NMSU we have a ton of videos to help you find out how to grow a garden in the Albuquerque area. Pick a video to learn about the things you need to know or just grab one to learn something new.

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