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Spring Prep for Summer Success
By Julie Snyder

Now that we are in the new year, the excitement for spring is brewing! There are many things that can be done right now to have a successful growing season. 

Pre-Spring Cleanup is one key element. Removing leaves and perennial dieback will help clear areas where harmful insects and fungus may be hiding. the temperatures may still be very cold so leaving a small bit of yard residue and adding a fresh layer of mulch around perennials and tender shrubs is recommended.

Top Dressing. This is also an excellent time to top dress areas around shrubs and trees with a fresh layer of compost to help add organic material to the soil. If you are able to, mix the compost into the top few inches of the soil. If your landscape has rocks, it would be beneficial to pull the gravel away a few feet from the trunk or shrub and proceed with the topping. You can then top with a small amount of bark to create a pleasing, finished look. 

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